Are you Considering Adult Orthodontics?


If you’re an adult looking into orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth or a bite problem there are some factors you need to take into account.

Does your dentist really know best?

We find that many patients ask their dentist if they think they need to straighten their teeth, and often their dentist will recommend Invisalign. While Invisalign may seem like a tempting solution it is definitely not one size fits all and it comes with limitations. The fact is that your dentist has not undergone an equal amount of training compared to your orthodontist who has the knowledge and expertise to treat a broader range of issues that Invisalign cannot address by itself.

It’s also important to visit an orthodontist for a consultation as orthodontic treatment can be more complex for adult patients. Visiting a specialist will ensure that you are receiving the highest level of care possible, especially as our orthodontists are true leaders in their field and are looked up to for their talent and achievements.

Do you have an underlying issue causing crookedness?

This is a question which your orthodontist will answer. If your teeth have recently become crooked as an adult it’s possible that there are other problems causing this. For example:

  • Your wisdom teeth may be erupting causing overcrowding
  • You may have a discrepancy below the gum line such as a rogue tooth, jaw issues or bone loss
  • Loss of teeth (in the past or present) can cause teeth to shift

These are only some of the issues that can affect adult crookedness, whereas children also have factors such as habits like thumb sucking and mouth breathing as well as issues while the teeth are developing.

What options are suitable for you

As you age the teeth can become more stubborn to correct. Because of this our orthodontists often recommend fixed braces for treatment as they can treat a multitude of issues and are especially effective for adult teeth. Many adults choose ceramic brackets as these are tooth coloured for a good aesthetic option.

We also offer clear braces (aligners) as a solution for adults that do not want to wear fixed braces, although these will be recommended on a case-by-case basis.

Adult orthodontics Adelaide

Here at Smart Orthodontics we see many adult patients from urban and rural Adelaide wishing to straighten their smile. We have nine convenient locations across South Australia including: Adelaide, Gawler, Hallett Cove, Newton, Woodcroft, Clare, Kadina, Port Lincoln and Port Pirie. These locations enable us to provide straighter smiles to the wider community with the highest level of professional care and latest orthodontic equipment.

Contact us today to find out more about our treatment options or to book an orthodontic consultation with one of our specialists.

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