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Many adults put off receiving orthodontic treatment, believing that it’s going to be uncomfortable or it’s not going to look ideal. We tell all of our adult patients that braces are no longer the bulky metal braces they used to be – they’re now lean and easily fit beneath your lips without causing significant discomfort. Here at Smart Orthodontics we offer 3M Clarity Advanced Braces, which blend in with the colour of your natural teeth, as well as clear aligners.

Our orthodontists will recommend the best solution for your needs and your lifestyle

Our specialists are dedicated to their patients which is why we believe in providing a careful diagnosis and evaluating the individual needs of our patients before deciding on a treatment plan. While braces are extremely effective, they may not fit in with everybody’s lifestyle, which is why we also offer clear braces or bespoke aligners made at our exclusive in-house laboratory. Clear braces are a virtually invisible solution that allows you to go on with your daily life without a fixed appliance like braces. The aligners are completely removable, although it’s still important that you wear these at least twenty-two hours per day so that treatment is effective.

Clear braces are not suitable for everyone however, so it is imperative that you visit one of our specialists for a thorough assessment, diagnosis and personalised treatment plan to decide which treatment is best for you.

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If you are an adult contemplating treatment with braces or clear braces please contact Smart Orthodontics today. Our experienced orthodontists can help determine the best solution for your needs so that you can achieve a smile that is functional and straight.

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