Children's Orthodontics Adelaide

When should treatment begin?

While treatment may not occur until later in life, taking your child to visit the orthodontist can allow one of our specialists to observe developing teeth and jaws and intervene if necessary. This has a number of benefits as children can receive treatment for any bad habits early in life as well as receive treatment to prepare their jaws for the growth of their adult teeth. Overall, visiting one of our dedicated specialists during the early stages of development can ensure treatment is received at the most opportune time, which means the best outcome in the future.

The best care for your child

You can rest assured that our specialists have a very caring attitude towards our patients and have treated many children over a number of decades. We aim for the highest level of professional care and excellence in the treatment outcomes of our adult, adolescent and younger patients. We also believe that our years in the field enable us to recommend the best solution for your child, and our unparalleled knowledge ensures that they will be receiving the best care possible.

Common questions from parents:

Can orthodontics be performed on baby teeth?

Whilst the majority of orthodontic patients are best treated as adolescents, when the permanent teeth have erupted, there are certain problems that are best treated early to achieve the ideal outcome and smile for your child. This may involve an appliance to correct a crossbite where the top teeth sit inside the bottom teeth, or one that discourages a bad habit such as finger or thumb sucking. Expansion of the top jaw to allow the permanent teeth to erupt and reduce overcrowding is often most successful at a young age.

How much does orthodontics cost for children?

As our orthodontists will be able to intercept the growth of your child’s teeth at the most opportune time, treatment expenses can be minimised. A consultation is necessary to determine what treatment is required and the associated costs of such treatment.

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