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When is the right time for orthodontic treatment?

Your age will impact the cost, duration, complexity and type of treatment you require; it will not hinder your ability to receive treatment.

Orthodontic treatment generally entails four stages: Early examination, early treatment, adolescent treatment and adult treatment. Read how each of our specialists personalise treatment for each of these age groups below.

Early Examination (Age 7-8)

An early examination with Smart Orthodontics can ensure you are giving your child the best chance at a healthy and straight smile. There are many habits that children can pick up while they’re young that can contribute towards a crooked smile in the future. This is why it’s important to visit us for an early examination so we can identify potential tooth and jaw problems, as well as monitor their condition and plan for future treatment if necessary. With our team of specialists you can rest assured that your child will be in the most capable hands.

Early Treatment (Age 7-11)

Our specialists will observe your teeth as you grow and early intervention may be recommended if problems have been identified with the development of the jaw and teeth. Treatment at this age generally involves broadening the jaws to prevent crookedness as well as treating any negative habits. Visiting the orthodontist at this stage can ensure your child’s mouth can accommodate the growth of adult teeth through the use of plates and other orthodontic appliances. Orthodontic treatment tends to progress most smoothly if done at the ideal stage of development for each individual. Our orthodontists can guide you on the best timing for your child.

Adolescent Treatment (Age 12-19)

This is the age that most people receive treatment, as the permanent teeth are generally fully grown and still easy to move into the ideal alignment. Treatment for teens usually involves braces which are the most efficient way to guide the adolescent’s teeth into a functioning and straight adult bite. Many treatments are best done when a teen is actively growing, while other treatments are best delayed. Our orthodontists will thoroughly assess your teenager’s bite to ensure the best course of treatment is provided at the ideal time depending on the individual’s problems and level of development.

Adult Treatment (Age 20+)

Orthodontic treatment can begin at any age, whether you are 12 or 60+. Our practice welcomes patients of all ages. Our orthodontists are passionate about delivering great treatment outcomes to adult patients, beginning with careful diagnosis and treatment recommendations from our specialists. Treatment for adults can involve braces, clear braces and even jaw surgery if necessary, although your treatment will be personalised to your individual needs after careful examination by one of our experienced orthodontists: Dr Gallagher, Dr Reichstein, Dr Salmon and Dr Curl.

Overall the team at Smart Orthodontics wants to deliver the best results to our patients, through careful diagnosis and treatment planning that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

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