More Than Just Straight Teeth

Orthodontics can contribute to a straight smile but for your orthodontist this is merely a ‘side effect’ of working towards a healthy, functioning smile and jaw.

The capabilities of orthodontic treatment also includes:

  • Shaping your upper and lower jaws
  • Improving your facial profile
  • Correcting your bite and its function
  • Increasing the fullness of your lips
  • Enhancing the shape and size of your smile
  • Eliminating habits such as finger and thumb sucking
  • Correcting jaw irregularities
  • Rectifying breathing problems
  • Improving speech difficulties

These are all just as important to your orthodontist as achieving a straight, beautiful smile.

The possible complications of avoiding orthodontic treatment

Avoiding orthodontic treatment can negatively impact your oral hygiene as well as potentially result in headaches and jaw pain. It is in your best interest that you listen to all professional assessments and visit an orthodontist early in life to prevent these issues.

Here at Smart Orthodontics you can rest assured that each of our experienced orthodontists will carefully examine your condition and recommend the best course of treatment for your needs.

To find out more, or to book a consultation, please contact us today.

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