Emergency Orthodontist Adelaide

Find out if your problem is an orthodontic emergency

If you have sore teeth

It is normal for teeth to feel sore when you are first fitted with braces and after your adjustment appointments, so this is not an emergency. This initial discomfort is merely the newly applied pressure slowly pushing your teeth into alignment and you will find that it subsides within the first few days.

If you have sore lips and cheeks

Some discomfort is normal as it takes some time for your mouth to adjust to having brackets and wires so this is not an emergency. During the first few weeks after your braces have been fitted you may notice that your lips and cheeks become sore. This is why it’s important to regularly apply your orthodontic wax to ensure your lips can move over your braces easily without causing irritation. If you run out of wax please feel free to contact our team, or take a look at your local pharmacy. If some part of your braces feels particularly sharp, contact us and our friendly staff will assist you.

I have lost my appliance

If you have misplaced your retainer or plate then it’s very important that you have this replaced immediately by contacting Smart Orthodontics. As we have our own bespoke laboratory on-site we are able to efficiently organise a replacement for you or if your appliance is damaged we can repair it.

I have broken a bracket

If a bracket or another piece of your braces has become broken please book an appointment with Smart Orthodontics as soon as possible. This is to ensure that no protruding material can harm you and so that your treatment time is not affected.

To find out more, or to book a consultation, please contact us today.

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