What to Eat & What not to Eat

It’s important that you care for your braces so that you don’t cause injury or compromise your treatment

Crunchy, hard and sticky foods can pull brackets off of your teeth and compromise treatment. Our orthodontists will go through with you what foods to avoid when you first have your braces fitted, although to assist our patients on an ongoing basis we have created this helpful page.

Foods to avoid with braces:

Hard food such as: apples, corn, raw carrots, meat on bones, tough steak, crackling and ice cubes.

Sticky food such as: toffee, Fantales, Redskins, Minties, lollipops, Warheads etc.

Other Recommendations

It’s also important that you try to restrict how often you consume sugary food and drinks, as sugar increases the build up of plaque, which can then cause cavities around your brackets.

You should also NOT:

  • Open caps with your teeth
  • Chew your pen
  • Chew your nails
  • Drink lots of soft drink or cordial

All of these habits can damage your braces and your teeth. It’s also important that you maintain regular check-ups with your general dentist as they will be able to provide a professional clean and identify any areas that need treatment to keep your smile healthy.

To find out more, or to book a consultation, please contact us today.

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