Your First Visit

During your first visit our specialists will assess your teeth, jaw and face

We understand that your first visit may be a bit daunting, however our friendly team at Smart Orthodontics will make you feel comfortable and welcome. Your assessment will begin with one of our experienced orthodontists. We will first evaluate the development of your teeth and the position of your jaw and bite. We will also assess your facial profile to check that the jaw is positioned correctly or if treatment is required to correct its position. Our specialists welcome any questions you may have about your treatment, and we’ll take time to get to know you. Once we have considered your case we will provide you with a thorough diagnosis.

Verbal Assessment

Your orthodontist will discuss their findings and diagnosis with you throughout your first appointment. Our doctors will always take care to explain exactly what your assessment means in terms of your current condition and treatment for the future.

Written Assessment

A written formal treatment plan will also be provided, with detailed information on the next phase of treatment. You can either take this home to look over or our staff can schedule a time to begin treatment.

Why Visit Us

By visiting Smart Orthodontics you will know that you are visiting some of the most experienced and highly skilled orthodontists in South Australia. All of our orthodontists have excelled not only in providing great treatment outcomes and care to patients, but also in the industry as leaders in their field. Find out more about our orthodontists here. 

To find out more, or to book a consultation, please contact us today.

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