Braces Adelaide

Treatment Planning

Before we actually begin your treatment we will need to perform some further diagnosis to determine the best course of action.

Our specialists may recommend:

  • Clinical Photographs
  • Digital frontal and panoramic X-rays
  • Cone Beam Scans
  • Dental casts

All of these procedures are comfortable and may be required in accordance with a professional assessment and careful consideration to recommend the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

Your treatment options

Your orthodontist will always ensure their treatment recommendation suits your orthodontic needs and your lifestyle. This is why we offer various orthodontic solutions including braces and clear braces.

Traditional Braces

Fixed braces are a very efficient and effective way of moving individual teeth and correcting the bite for a straighter functional smile. Sometimes, other appliances are needed before braces to help to correct the bite, and when the mouth is crowded, teeth may need to be removed to enable all of the teeth to fit into the jaws. Your orthodontist will guide you on your personal needs.

Braces are made of brackets that are glued to individual teeth and, on a few occasions, metal rings or bands are cemented around some of the back teeth. Arch-wires that straighten crooked teeth are attached to the brackets using modules. These modules can be coloured and you can change your colour at each appointment.  Regular appointments are needed throughout treatment, usually at 6-8 week intervals. At these appointments wires may be changed or adjusted, and various methods are used to straighten teeth and move them into the correct positions.

The appointment to have braces placed lasts about an hour and treatment itself generally lasts between 18-24 months depending on your needs.

Here at Smart Orthodontics we use 3M Victory metal braces which are similar to older styles of traditional braces, but are smaller and more durable. Our patients generally find these miniature brackets can fit more easily beneath the lips and are an improvement on the metal braces of the past.

Ceramic Braces

Our orthodontists can also provide 3M Clarity Advanced Ceramic brackets. Ceramic brackets are tooth-coloured to blend with the colour of your teeth. This is why many patients like these as they’re less noticeable than traditional metal braces.

Clear Braces or Aligners

Clear braces are a series of clear aligners which are used to gradually straighten the teeth. Unlike normal braces, clear aligners are not fixed so they can be removed to consume food or drink. Our specialists create our own aligners at our in-house laboratory which are customised to suit each individual.

While clear, removable aligners are much more aesthetically pleasing when compared to braces, they do not have the same capabilities.  Braces can treat a much broader range of orthodontic problems, as aligners are usually used for limited orthodontic problems.

In order to find out which solution will deliver the best results for your smile please visit Smart Orthodontics for a consultation.

To find out more, or to book a consultation, please contact us today.

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